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Accelerating Medical Doctors’ Work by 55 to 85%

23 May 2023 – Our partners at Newton Technologies Adria provide a useful AI solution called Newton Dictate, which has the ability to accelerate medical doctors’ work by 55 to 85%.

In 2016, Newton Technologies introduced Newton Dictate, a real-time transcription software featuring the first specialized dictionary tailored for radiologists. Since then, Newton Dictate has become the go-to tool for hundreds of doctors in both public and private healthcare institutions. The technology enables doctors to dictate their findings, eliminating the need for manual documentation and significantly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

Founded in 2008 with the vision of implementing voice technology in around 20 languages, primarily in Central and Western Europe, Newton Technologies expanded its operations to Southeast Europe with the establishment of Newton Technologies Adria (NTA) in Zagreb eight years later. NTA focuses on developing and customizing language technologies for the region. Marko Poljak, CEO of NTA, highlighted their expertise in speech-to-text technology adaptation to meet end-user needs, effectively eliminating the need for manual typing in documentation.

As partners on the AI4Health.Cro project, Newton Technologies Adria will provide guidance and support to interested startups. They will assist in identifying early adopters, building the market, and offering valuable insights to avoid potential business pitfalls.

To explore the full article and learn more about this transformative technology, follow the link.

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