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AI4Health.Cro Competition Celebrates Success with 99 Applications

AI4Health.Cro Competition Ignites with 28 Teams Competing for €9,000 Prize Pool

We proudly announce the  participation of 28 dynamic teams in AI4Health.Cro Innovation Competition. An overwhelming response of 99 applications for this niche challenge, demonstrates Croatia’s vast potential for AI-driven healtcare solutions. 

Launched by the AI4Health.Cro consortium on January 30, 2024, the competition called for innovative solutions to address the pressing issue of early rehospitalization. The application phase concluded on February 18, leading to an intensive evaluation process to select the most promising teams set to compete for a prize fund of €9,000.

A Kickoff to Innovation

The competition officially begins with a kickoff event on February 27, introducing the project, outlining its timeline, and detailing the challenges ahead. This marks the start of a journey towards innovative solutions that could redefine healthcare standards and patient care across the globe.

Meet the  Selected Teams

The array of teams, listed alphabetically, showcases a diverse spectrum of expertise and innovation, ready to embark on a journey to transform healthcare through AI.

  1. accelerate healthcare
  2. Artificial Innovators
  3. ATMC
  4. Blizanci
  5. Care4You
  6. Foo
  7. Hessijanci
  9. Kotao
  10. Kronos
  11. LIMMB
  12. LMHS 1
  13. LMHS 2
  14. MediBoost
  15. MedIQ
  16. Miracool
  17. Orion
  18. Panacea
  19. Tim ReAdmit
  20. RehopPrevent
  21. SiraćHC
  22. ReAdmitNet
  23. Tim Tim
  24. Zesoi
  25. ZMF
  26. A tim
  27. B tim
  28. C tim 

Stay Informed

Stay tuned as we bring more news and developments from the competition that promises to address a critical issue facing healthcare systems worldwide.

For further inquiries, reach out to challenge-ai4health@zicer.hr.

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