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AI4Health.Cro Coordinator for Healthcare, Dr. Nina Šesto, Shared Expertise on Medical Start-ups at Back Together Summit

19 June 2023 – The Back Together Summit, a highly anticipated event focused on health and scientific literacy, recently welcomed esteemed speakers from various sectors, including healthcare and technology. Among the distinguished participants was Dr. Nina Šesto, the project coordinator for AI4HealthCro, who took the stage as a speaker on the panel “From an idea to an incubator: The success of medical start-ups.”

Under the skillful moderation of Vesna Babić of Meddox, the panelists explored the challenges and benefits of developing digital health solutions, highlighting the importance of support in the product development process. This captivating discussion shed light on the innovation and perseverance required to succeed in the competitive landscape of medical start-ups.

The inclusion of Nina Šesto, a renowned expert in healthcare and the founder of MEGI Health, as well as the Director of Digital Health at Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Medicine, further enriched the panel’s expertise. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Sesto shared insights into the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare, emphasizing the potential of AI in transforming patient care and medical research.

The Back Together Summit served as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, bringing together experts from medicine, science, and communication. The event tackled a wide range of essential topics that impact our lives, such as medical literacy, innovative therapies, the influence of social media, and hormonal changes. By fostering engaging discussions, the summit aimed to promote health awareness and scientific literacy among the Croatian population.

In addition to Nina Šesto, the panel featured other esteemed speakers who are making significant contributions to the field. Marino Sabijan, one of the founders of NAOMI mental wellness, the first Croatian app focused on mental health, shared insights into the importance of prioritizing mental well-being and utilizing technology to provide accessible support. Mislav Ante Omazić, a professor at the Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb, showcased his expertise in guiding students to develop socially valuable projects, with over 200 successful initiatives to his credit.

The summit covered essential subjects that impact our lives, from medical literacy and innovative therapies to the influence of social media and hormonal changes.

It was truly inspiring to be part of such an event dedicated to promoting health and scientific literacy in Croatia.

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