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AI4Health.Cro Takes Stage at Future Z Congress

6 November 2023 – AI in the digitalisation of healthcare was the focus of the second day of the Future Z Congress, at which Dr Anja Barešić, the coordinator of the AI4Health.Cro project, gave a compelling presentation. The event, which took place in Opatija from 3-4 November 2023 and was hosted by the Croatian Society for Business Ethics and Health Economics of the Croatian Medical Chamber, promoted crucial dialogue on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the transformation of healthcare services.

Dr Barešić gave an interesting presentation on the activities of the AI4Health.Cro project, setting the stage for the insightful panel discussion “Futurizing Healthcare – AI in Digitalisation of Healthcare”. Her presentation paved the way for a stimulating exchange of ideas on the innovative use of AI in the sector and emphasised the project’s commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through technology.

The panel discussion featured renowned speakers who shared their expertise. Among them were Tanja Bedovec, Head of the e-Health Department at the Ministry of Health, Darko Gvozdanović from Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Siniša Košćina from IN2, Branko Šoštarić from MAPEJANA / MCS Group and Krešo Troha from SETCOR. These experts fostered a dynamic conversation about the burgeoning role of digital technology in healthcare.

Dr Barešić’s participation in the panel discussion highlighted the goals of the AI4health.Cro project and the significant progress being made in the use of AI for innovation in the healthcare sector.

Positioned as a strategic hub for healthcare in Croatia and the surrounding area, the Futur Z Congress brought together direct stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem. These included medical professionals, healthcare workers and representatives from the public and private healthcare sectors. The aim was to create a platform for meaningful interaction with key players from healthcare administration, government institutions and the insurance sector, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, professional bodies, the IT sector, patient associations and the media, emphasising the crucial role of public engagement in the healthcare discourse.

A collaborative strategy for the development of the healthcare system involving all relevant parties was identified as a driving force for optimal patient care, sustainable healthcare systems and the rationalisation of procedures. It was agreed that such a strategy is crucial to determine the future development of the healthcare system over the next decade and beyond.

The AI4Health.Croproject epitomises this innovative ethos, which is at the heart of the Congress’s guiding principles.

The initiative reflects the collaborative spirit fostered by the event’s esteemed patrons, which include the Ministry of Health, the Croatian Medical Chamber, the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, the Croatian Employers’ Organisation (HUP) and other prominent health and medical associations.

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