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Education and Training Services

Service group / serviceDuration (days)Expected number of attendeesMarket price (EUR)
Introduction to AI (Online course): Online course for everyone interested in learning what AI is, what is possible (and not possible) with AI, and how it affects our lives – with no complicated math or programming required.6.545TBD
Building AI for Healthcare (Online course): Online course where participants learn about the actual algorithms that make creating AI methods possible. Some basic Python programming skills are recommended to get the most out of the course.6.545TBD

Advanced digital skills (Bootcamp). Tailor-made courses developed in line with the needs of users, primarily the ones in the TBI programme.
Problem-solving, AI and HPC in health, advanced digital skills (Internship programme). AI4Health will organise one competition (i.e. hackathon) annually to select students for summer internship programmes focused on development of digital health solutions based on AI and HPC.5035TBD
Digital transformation, innovation concepts and processes, AI and HPC in digital healthcare and presentation of best practices (Workshops). Tailor-made workshops designed to respond to knowledge gaps of the EDIH users in different areas, such as digital transformation (needs, potential, benefits), AI and HPC in digital healthcare, presentation of best-practices, innovation concepts and processes, IPR and commercialization of research results, etc.)190TBD

Needs of healthcare systems for smart health digital solutions (Workshop). Two workshops annually will be held to introduce the participants (primarily technology providers) with the current and future needs of healthcare systems for new digital solutions.

Public procurement for innovation (Course). Short course for public administration employees, aiming at facilitating the use of public procurement procedures for creating the demand for digital health innovation development345TBD
Agile project management (Training). Intensive training aiming at introducing the participants with concepts of agile project management, methodologies, tools and technologies to manage projects in an agile manner.530TBD
Trustworthy AI – legal and ethical aspects of AI (Training). Intensive training focused on the legal and ethical point of view of AI applications in health sectors, including the issues of GDPR and regulatory requirements related to integration of AI-based solutions in healthcare systems.555TBD

AI in healthcare (Micro-credentials). Educational programmes developed and organised in cooperation with universities, tailor-made for medical students and healthcare workers. Participants will acquire basic knowledge on the AI and its applications in healthcare, and other subjects in line with the identified needs of entrepreneurs and the healthcare system.
Business fundamentals (Training). Intensive training for students and start-ups, aimed at development of business skills, including networking, relationship building, starting a business, business plan development and pitching.550TBD
Project funding essentials (Training). Training on identification of potential funding sources for innovative projects, development of project applications, and management of projects funded from EU sources.550TBD
AI in healthcare (Academic module). Module on AI in healthcare, integrated in mandatory and offered as additional facultative course, aimed at increasing the knowledge and capacities of medical and health students to efficiently use and participate in development and delivery of innovative digital health solutions.15120TBD
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