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Innovative Solutions for Healthcare by our Partners at IN2

17 April 2023 – Our partners at IN2 Group have been instrumental in the digitization of healthcare services. With years of experience in developing cutting-edge solutions ranging from a mobile electronic health record to mobile access for nurses and doctors, IN2 has built a significant user base in the healthcare sector. As part of the AI4Health.Cro hub, they play a role in communicating with data collected in hospitals, meaning they allow startups to access standard data sets and develop their solutions based on that data.

IN2 Group has played a critical role in upgrading healthcare through the implementation of digital advances. Their influence dates back to 1996, when they led one of the most important digital transformations in our healthcare system. Today, their systems enable us to bypass queues and receive important documents via email. The company’s systems are used daily in 47 hospitals, 40 health centers, 70 clinics, 150 laboratories, 1,300 general clinics, 200 pediatric clinics, 170 women’s clinics, 700 dental clinics and more than 500 specialty clinics.

A notable example of IN2’s forward-thinking approach is its introduction of the mobile electronic health record nearly a decade ago. The company has also successfully digitized other aspects of healthcare, such as providing mobile access to systems for nurses and physicians.

In response to today’s evolving needs and trends, IN2 has launched its latest project – the iDoctor module, which has been introduced in two major hospitals: KBC Split and OB Zadar. This module was developed based on feedback and requests from doctors collected during an annual user survey.

The iDoktor module provides physicians with several tools to streamline their workflows, including easier and faster data entry and a more organized patient information system. The module increases efficiency and ensures that physicians have systematic access to important patient data.

The continuous pursuit of innovation has made IN2 Group a leader in transforming healthcare through digital solutions. Its commitment to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike reinforces its reputation as a pioneer in the industry. For more details read the news article.

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