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AI4Health.Cro Compass: Guidance in searching, identifying and contacting of potential strategic partners, service and/or technology providers, developers, demand-side stakeholders, as well as with relevant national and international institutions and organisations, to either extend their network of partners or to gain access to specific expertise. Main goal is to connect “problem owners” with solution providers. Access to other EDIHs is also ensured to users, in cases where specific EDIH covers expertise not available within the AI4Health.Cro.MonthTBD
Showroom: Users will be provided with the opportunity to use the AI4Health.Cro Showroom, within which potential clients will be able to experience and experiment with the showcased technologies.MonthTBD
AI4Health.Cro Tour. Targeted networking with demand-side stakeholders, primarily in Croatia and the region. In addition to short pitches of previously selected digital health SMEs before panel of stakeholders, the Q&A sessions will take place, during which the stakeholders will ask questions and provide their feedbacks regarding the presented digital health solutiEventTBD
Digital Health Discovery. Awareness raising and networking events. Awareness raising events will be organised with the aim to introduce the users with new digital technologies, developments on the markets, new initiatives and best practices in increasing the efficiency of the healthcare systems, available sources of funding, needs of the healthcare systems and other demand-side stakeholders, and other themes of interest for innovation ecosystem stakeholders. Various networking events are also planned to be organised, primarily in cooperation with other institutions, including the Enterprise Europe Network, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Clusters of Competence, employer’s associations, business supporting and developing organisations, EIT Health, ECHAlliance, as well as
with other complementary EDIHs and other relevant and interested stakeholders.
Event TBD

AI4Health.Cro Annual Conference
. AI4Health.Cro will organise an annual conference to facilitate networking between various stakeholders from the entire digital health value chain, enable exchange of knowledge, good practices and information on technological development and markets, needs of the healthcare systems and existing digital health solutions on the market and in the development phase.

Event TBD
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