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Test Before Invest Services

Testing Before Investing (TBI) is dedicated to providing access to technical expertise, testing and experimentation facilities, data and other resources necessary for the development and testing of digital health solutions, as well as increasing the digital maturity of target groups.

Digital Transformation Support Services

Service group / serviceUnitMarket price (EUR)
Digital Maturity Assessment: Assessment of digital maturity, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI) to estimate the users’ needs and readiness related to digital technologies, primarily AI. Each user will be provided with feedback on its maturity, upon which the workshop with each user will be held to identify the steps necessary for maturity increase. Based on results, the digital transformation action plan will be developed for each user. The digital maturity assessment will be regularly performed with all the AI4Health.Cro users to enable and facilitate the measurement of the digital maturity evolution of the supported entities.DayTBD
Visioning and Strategy Development: Upon the digital maturity assessment, a digital transformation vision and strategy will be developed. The strategy development will include business modelling, risk mitigation strategy, marketing strategy, IPR management, compliance with the GDPR regulatory framework, the trustworthiness of AI technologies, etc. In line with the developed strategy, the user will be further directed to additional support available within the AI4Health.Cro ecosystem or towards other DIHs/EDIHs, depending on the user’s needs and preferences.DayTBD

Co-creation services

Service group / serviceUnitMarket price (EUR)
Project Development: Detailed identification of development and testing needs for each user and development of the individualised project plan, including the implementation steps for each of the anticipated phases within the specific innovation process, relevant methods and approaches for project implementation, and elaboration of project activities. Special emphasis is put on planning the user engagement and identification of development environments that are required for successful project development. This phase can also include market analysis in order to estimate the demand and market potential of the planned innovative solution.DayTBD
Access to Research Infrastructures: Users are provided with access to resources necessary for the development of solutions, either not available on the market or too complex and expensive for individual user to acquire for its research purposes. Depending on the needs of individual user, these resources can include: (1) Access to data relevant for development, to be provided by both technology providers (companies within the consortium) and technology users (healthcare system). In this area, special emphasis will be put on data security and GDPR requirements. Service also includes access to public data sources relevant for the particular use case; (2) Access to technology building blocks necessary for individual solution’s development; (3) Access to infrastructure (technology, equipment, etc.) for research and development.DayTBD

Testing and Validation services

Service group / serviceUnitMarket price (EUR)

Concept Verification and Prototyping. Concept verification entails testing of a high-level concept with end-users through focus groups, interviews, surveys and other applicable methods. Main output of the process is feedback from potential users on the initial concept proposals and information on possible variations to the concept. The process should result in verification of the market interest related to the proposed concept. Development of the feasibility study is required to assess technical, institutional, financial, legal and operational feasibility and future sustainability of the proposed concept indicating whether the new solution (process or service) can be developed based on the proposed concept. Users are also supported in the prototyping process, which includes access to experts (within or outside the EDIH), access to data, technology, necessary infrastructure and equipment.
Real-life Testing, Experimentation and Piloting. Organisation and conducting experiments aimed to validate the new solutions and their improvement based on the testing results. The process includes test participants who are representing the real end-users of the solution. Two main types of this service will be provided: (1) Small-scale real-life validation and experimentation, which includes small scale and short-term preliminary studies performed to validate the prototype/solution in the real-life settings and gather feedback necessary for its improvements, and (2) Large-scale real-life validation and piloting studies over longer time span and with larger number of participants (i.e. end users). Piloting includes evaluation of the fully functional product or service in a real-life environment with real endusers to ensure that the new solution is scalable.MonthTBD

Usability Testing. Implementation of different types of tests aimed at inspecting the overall usability of new smart health solutions, such as Simulation testing, Usability testing, Prototype testing, Integration testing and Regulatory approval testing.
Access to Lab Environments. Basic or tailor-made virtual environments that can be used to build, test and deploy smart health solutions based on AI technologies. These will primarily include the following environments Sandboxing – aimed at testing new solutions in an isolated environment, enabling testing specific features of the solutions without disrupting the existing operational systems (e.g. hospital IT system); Proof of Concept – advanced demo projects which reflect real-world scenarios, primarily oriented towards determining the viability of the new service/product for the market and proving whether a system can work in a realistic environment, thus validating its demand and potential in real-world applications; Sales demo – an environment which enables to demonstrate the new product/service to potential end-users who can test and evaluate the new solution in practice.DayTBD
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