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Dr. Anja Barešić Highlights Efficiency and Cost Savings of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

13 June 2023 – Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of medicine, bringing forth increased efficiency and cost savings. In an interesting article by Zoran Vitas of Večernji list, Dr. Anja Barešić, the AI4Health.Cro coordinator, shares valuable insights into the transformative potential of AI in healthcare.

In the interview, Dr. Barešić emphasizes the importance of learning from data to gain new insights into the biology of diseases and their respective treatments. However, one of the primary challenges lies in the fact that these valuable data are currently scattered across different systems, making it difficult for researchers to effectively utilize them. Dr. Barešić highlights the need for cohesive data integration to unlock the full potential of AI in healthcare.

The AI market is currently abuzz with excitement, leading to a surge in the development of AI solutions across various domains. However, a critical issue arises when hundreds of apps are created without a specific purpose, resulting in limited downloads and usage by only a handful of patients. Dr. Barešić underscores the importance of developing AI solutions that address real-world challenges and actively engage target user groups. By doing so, the true power of AI can be harnessed to its fullest potential.

The integration of data, AI, and targeted user engagement holds immense potential in creating meaningful and impactful solutions that address genuine problems and enhance patient care. Dr. Barešić’s vision aligns with the core mission of AI4Health.Cro, which aims to leverage the combined power of AI and data to develop groundbreaking healthcare solutions. Through innovative approaches and collaborative efforts, AI4Health.Cro envisions a future where every patient receives the best possible treatment.

The article serves as a reminder that the effective utilization of AI in healthcare requires not only technological advancements but also a strategic and purpose-driven approach. By leveraging AI to harness the wealth of available data and engaging the intended user groups, healthcare can be transformed for the better.

To read the full article by Zoran Vitas featuring Dr. Anja Barešić and AI4HealthCro, please visit the news page.

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